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I'm Facing north

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about würffel

Ethereal synths and enticing melodies mix with a carefree longing and resilience. That’s Würffel. Hailing from a latitude where winters are long and dark, they’ve channeled that into its opposite: soft glittering pop. Comprising of three members, Würffel’s two instru-mentalists create the world around singer - the versatile Rosanna who pulls you in, fluidly, without you even noticing it. Their debut album “Beats and Bubbles” was released in March 2015. With Würffel, what matters is not so much the reality you are in, as where it leads you.


Vocals / Rosanna Lints

Keyboards / Tarvi Kull

Keyboards, drums / Kaspar Kalluste


I'm Facing North

by Würffel